Interface Designer and Developer

Good morning, afternoon, evening, I'm Shaun.
I am a User Interface Designer and Web Developer. I've worked with talented individuals to craft exceptional digital experiences for the web and mobile devices.

Shaun C. Math Medic Foundation website design

Math Medic Foundation

Scholarship Applications and Math Education Donations

Math Medic connects students, teachers, and schools with resources that promote equitable access to high-quality mathematics education.

This project was made in collaboration with the team at Math Medic and Snazzy Craftwork.

Role: Interface Designer and Developer

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Shaun C. Snazzy Craftwork hero animation

Snazzy Craftwork

Branded Hero Animation

I had the opportunity to design and animate a captivating hero visual for the website of Snazzy Craftwork, a creative tech agency.

The idea was to create an abstract representation of input and output, and to visually show a connection on the pulse of technology.

This project was created in collaboration with the team at Snazzy Craftwork, using SVG and CSS animation.

Role: Designer and Developer

See Agency Site
Shaun C. Braintree PayPal Pseudo Shop integration design development

PayPal / Braintree

Braintree SDK Pseudo Shop Demo Site

Braintree is a payments platform that empowers customers and merchants helping businesses thrive.

This site and brand was created to showcase best practices for integrating the Braintree SDK.

This work was done in collaboration with the team at Braintree.

Role: Product Designer and Developer

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Shaun C. Adjunct Instructor Columbia College Authoring Interactive Media 2 course website design development

Columbia College Chicago

Authoring Interactive Media 2: Course Website

This website serves as a comprehensive resource for students enrolled in the Authoring Interactive Media 2 course. It includes reference materials, assignments, demonstrations, and projects to support their learning throughout the semester.

During my tenure, I had the privilege of serving as an Adjunct Instructor, as well as contributing to the design and development of the course materials.

Role: Adjunct Instructor, Designer, and Developer

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I specialize in interface/web design, user experience, prototyping, and wireframing. I work across screens of all sizes, utilizing Figma and Sketch for my design process.


As a developer, I take projects from prototypes to production, leveraging open-source front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, and Git.


I am currently freelancing / contracting as a Designer and Developer.

I have previously worked as a Product Designer at Braintree, Venmo, and PayPal. I also have experience as an Adjunct Instructor at Columbia College Chicago, Front-end Developer at Threadless, and as a Web Engineer at Leo Burnett…